Job Search goes SOCIAL

Job searches and postings are now on multiple social networks, and I am not talking about LinkedIn. Individuals are starting to be innovative by how to attract the right people who can get them hired into the dream job that they are looking for. I for one am one of these people.

Companies are doing the same thing. I recently was asked to send my resume to a company that wants to use social media to attract certain candidates via social media, besides LinkedIn. The responsibility for this position also includes analytic which means that the company is looking for a very target market for their candidate, which is of course very possible!

What about me?

How can you use this info for yourself? I have no problems sharing this with you. UPDATE your linkedin account. If you don’t have one, create one, and stop living under a rock. Second create a twitter account. To most of you twitter seems a bit primitive and possibly a bit retarded, but its not. Twitter is an incredible useful tool! Think of it as a Google search but for getting you connected with all sorts of people, from the weird to certified CEOs of companies. (Certified means that Twitter verified that this person is really who they say they are and has a small blue circle-ish icon next to the name).

After you have created and updated your linkedin and twitter account, start posting all sorts of useful information about you. This is the part that can be a bit more fun searching for jobs then sending your digital resume to no where land on career builder, or what ever. On your Twitter account, you can have more personal tweets, but you don’t want to be too personal. Tell people what you are passionate about, work, and hobbies. I even went so far to tweet about some of my fears I have while interviewing. Everyone knows interviews are so nerve racking, especially if you are as passionate as I am. (sorry for the ruthless self promoting).

Do you have experience?

Hell yes I do! I recently tweeted last week on election night. I was glued to CNN with my laptop on my lap tweeting and retweeting other’s post from various sources. It was fun and exciting for me. But lets get back to the focus of this blog, it help me gained 30 new qualified followers. When I say qualified I mean these followers I gained were from social media companies or individuals from the same field. YOU can do the same thing! Just about anyone with a social personality is on twitter and some of them are hiring managers that can help you get your foot through the door. Now its up to you to wow them with you human non digital side. Go get them!